Electronic Products

Save Money with Expertly Refurbished PCs and TVs

Gillco Electronics enjoys helping you save money and we are pleased to sell a variety of expertly refurbished PCs and televisions. You can also come to us for a variety of audio, video and PC accessories. We supply DLP and LCD lamps and offer in-home replacement service.

Personal Computers
Stop by our showroom and find the following refurbished and off-lease devices:
· Laptops
· Notebooks
· Desktops
· Servers
· Touch pads
· Printers
We carry the following PC accessories:
· AC adapters
· DC jacks
· LCD screens
· Keyboards for laptops
If you are looking for a refurbished television in the Durham Region, you have come to the right place. Browse our showroom for the following types of TVs:
· Plasma
· DLP and rear projection TVs